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.Jess Horn/川村 龍市 コラボレーションモデル LHL ハンドル:カーボンファイバー

English follows Japanese.
ジェスホーン氏がその実力を認めるUSAカスタムナイフメーカー Joel Chamblin氏により名作"SF"が今蘇る。






作品にはシリアル番号がマーキングされており、それを証明するJess Horn氏と川村 龍市 氏の直筆のサイン入りカードが付いております。


The masterpiece "SF" has finally made a comeback through Joel Chamblin, a U.S. custom knife maker whose skill was praised by Mr. Jess Horn.

Yamada, our former President, used to visit small knife shows to buy the knives made by Mr. Loveless. And then one day, he was introduced to Mr. Jess Horn. When the President saw the works by Mr. Horn, he was so impressed by the excellent functionality and beauty of the knives. He asked if Mr. Horn would consider collaboration with Yamahide to have more of his knives be left for future generations.

He had refused this offer for quite a long time, but when he became to consider retirement, he finally agreed and the program set off.

Since then a number of young and hopeful knife makers both in Japan and the U.S. made knives designed by Mr. Jess Horn and here we have some of them!

The knife has a serial number, and is delivered with a card that bears hand-written autograph of Mr. Jess Horn and Mr. Ryuichi Kawamura.

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商品コード : ryk001
価格 : 205,200円(税抜190,000円)
ポイント : 2,052


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